Marcopolo South Africa

Our History

Marcopolo was founded in 1949 and is listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange; and over the past 70 years has evolved and migrated on a worldwide scale to become an industry leader, producing more than 350,000 units on five continents - a world-class benchmark.

Concurrently, Marcopolo South Africa (also known as MASA) has witnessed an exponential growth in its operations as a result of enhanced tender attainment and customer loyalty in a country that has taken Marcopolo to its heart and that offers an abundance of export opportunities too.

Marcopolo has been present in South Africa since 1996, with the establishment of Brasa (Pty) Ltd, which was an agent for sales and after sales of imported vehicles from Brazil. Marcopolo then established its assembling subsidiary in 1999, located originally in the city of Polokwane. Shortly thereafter in 2001, the facilities were transferred to Germiston, in Johannesburg.

In 2009 Marcopolo South Africa became the first bus body builder in South Africa to be awarded the First BRT project. Since then Marcopolo South Africa has been involved in a number of BRT projects namely, Johannesburg’s Rea Vaya, Port Elizabeth’s Nelson Mandela Bay, Western Cape’s My Citi and Tshwane’s Are Yeng.

In order to cope with the requirements from BRT tenders and contracts (over and above the normal supply to the sub Saharan market), Marcopolo South Africa has undergone a major re-organization of its factory layout, including large investments in the expansion of the factory output capacity and the introduction of new technology and processes, which has allowed us to become even more productive and competitive.

 Marcopolo South Africa (Pty) Ltd has the capacity and infrastructure to produce over 1,600 units per year. At this stage the local product line is comprised of, the Andare 1000, and the Torino to suit rural, city and intercity applications. Marcopolo  South Africa also imports the Paradiso Range, the Volare attack and Volare premium midi – bus range and the Neobus range.

Since the establishment of Marcopolo in South Africa and the foundation of the factory in Germiston, we have proudly assembled over 5,000 buses and coaches to Right Hand Drive Sub-Saharan African customers. In addition to this, over 1,200 buses were also imported and sold into this region.

MASA has capitalised on the robustness and reliability of its products and their seamless fit with local requirements. Consequently, thousands of vehicles have been delivered over the decades to countries all over the continent as either a main contractor or relaying for the OEM chassis builders.




We strive to become the preferred body builder in Africa, leaning on quality and innovative product portfolio differentials.

PREFERRED,  because of the professional treatment at all stages and also for being the fastest solution provider.

QUALITY: certified, standardized and efficient processes result in high level products and services exceeding customer expectations.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCT / SERVICE PORTFOLIO: always at the front, anticipating coming business models and creating value adding proposals for all stakeholders.


By constantly investing in design and technology, Marcopolo turns out solutions that help advance passenger mass transportation. Currently, the company is the leader in the Brazilian market in the bus segment and is positioned among the largest manufacturers in the world. With manufacturing facilities in five continents, the vehicles produced by the company run on the roads of more than one hundred countries.